Easing requirement for status of residence regarding foreign pilot flight time

On the 28th, the government greatly eased the requirement for status of residence of the foreign pilot who finds an aviation job at Japanese airlines from the conventional flight time 1000 hours to 250 hours.
The aim is to increase the employment of foreign pilot in order to relieve the shortage of pilots of airlines in Japan. 250 hours flight time is the same level adapted to a new graduate pilot in Japan.
According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the number of foreign pilots in the main 16 companies as of January last year was 432 persons (about 7% of the whole).

As the aging of pilot at airline companies has progressed in Japan and an extensive retirement of them is expected around 2030. Accordingly it is supposed that the current adoption pace will not be correspondable. As the shortage of pilot is internationally aggravated, the employment in Japan is promoted by easing the conditions.