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Greeting from CEO

Greeting from CEO

The world is changing every moment.

While further developing of the economies in Asia, Islam and the African countries, not a few countries are currently encountering the low birthrate and longevity issue and the aging of population will be inevitable in the other countries as well in the future.

Solving the mounting environmental problems including global warming is unavoidable for us living on the earth as well as for the mother natures.

In the ICT sector that is already one of the matured industries, the remarkable progress of robot industry, artificial intelligence, etc. is promoting the borderless of technology exchange.

The borderless exchange among countries and places has rushed into a new era thanks to the convenience with Low Cost Carriers which expand airline routes all over the world.

In the world being changed like this, Japanese people must maintain the courtesy which we have inherited from our predecessors and should be proud of it in the world.
It is no doubt that we need living together equally forever with much more countries and foreign nationals on the aspects of culture, industry and economic.

While staring at the flow of the new era, in order for people of all countries to learn together, work equally, enjoy the life and the joy of growth, GLOBAL PARTNERS commits our mission, “mutually understanding the differences of culture, custom, skin color and creating and keeping the “Society which respects each other” especially for children with the future.”