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Services for Job-offering company


・Advice and consulting on foreign employment and application forms

・Collecting information and market research in Japan and overseas

・Advertising, research, planning & development/management on job opportunities

Contact us about recruitment of global human resources (

Increasing of tourists from foreign countries, the development of foreign staff to become the cornerstone of overseas bases, recruitment of foreign experts to professional occupations, the increase in foreign employment opportunities associated with the aging population. etc.

With acceleration of globalization and diversity, an opportunity to employ global talented human resources on various aspects of affairs is continuing increasing.

We help an opportunity to employ global talented human resources in Japan and overseas.

<Global Human Resource Placement+ Foreign Employment New Employee Training for Japanese Companies>

For the company considering to hire new graduate foreign employee!


◇ Letting foreign new employee get used to a place of work as soon as possible.

◇ New employee has graduated from a Japanese university, but he/she feels uneasy for the Japanese-style business manner and the use of polite expressions.

◇Since we have no foreign employee, it is difficult to dissolve the uneasiness and the dissatisfaction which a new employee feels under Japanese business environment.

◇Busy for the education and instruction of daily business and it is unable to teach a Japanese-style business manner and how to do work.

Training hours:10:00 – 17:00 (one day course)

Number of trainees:At least 3 persons


◆What should be considered, taken into consideration, required for working at a Japanese company?

◆Three important points for mastering the foundations of Japanese-style business manner & communication. (Practical learning)

1) Basic form (appearance & mode of behavior)

2) Language (greeting & polite expression)

3) Relationship(superior, customer, colleague).etc.

<Performance of Futaba Language School>

・Staff management, planing, and management of an International Flower Green Exposition, EXPO 2005 AICHI, museums, mass media public-relations, major electricity manufacturer showrooms, etc.

・Business manner training to JICA trainees

・Japanese language training for foreign staff and trainees at a major air-conditioning company