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GLOBAL PARTNERS(Employment placement company approved by “Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, License No.:27 - ユ - 301895)
helps your pilot job hunting as your private agent.

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  • GP PILOT AGENT SERVICE supports your pilot job hunting according to the Agent Contract between you and us.
  • GP PILOT AGENT SERVICE mediates your full-time employment at an airline company.
    Our service is not temporary staffing!

Partnership with JAMBO(Japan Airman-ship Bring-Up Organization)

JAMBO aims to overcome the shortage of pilots and trains excellent operation crew members by the trainers including former captains and instructors from Japanese major airline companies.

The pilots from JAMBO are employed by the airline companies in Japan. JAMBO does not only produce many highly evaluated and talented human resources but also has accumulated the know-how to discern whether they can have the humanity for bearing the pilot trainings and aviation services after the employment.

Training Support by JAMBO (charged option)

Training by former Japanese captain and instructor by cooperating with tie-up training organizations.
Offering a mental attitude before the employment examination and a prior study.
Explaining, counter-measuring and giving a mental attitude about aviation medical examination.

Employment results from JAMBO

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Flow of Pilot Job Hunting

GP PILOT AGENT SERVICE is provided only for the captain or first officer who meets one of the conditions of "GP Pilot Agent Service Requirement" and has "Aviation Medical Certification".
Please check the requirement in advance.

  • STEP1
  • Please fill in and send "Captain/First officer (experienced licensee) Entry Form"

    Captain/First officer (experienced licensee) Entry Form

    Captain/First officer (experienced licensee) Entry Form

    * pc site only

  • STEP2
  • After checking your Entry Form, we send additional query such as Japanese "Class 1 Aviation Medical Certificate" as needed.

  • STEP3
  • Please send your Aviation Resume

  • STEP4
  • Please subscribe the initial interview with us.

    * We recomend you to take a 〝"Class 1 Aviation Medical Certification" in Japan before or after the interview.
    * If you need more information about the Japanese medical examination,
    please contact us.

    Aviation Medical Certificate (class 1)

    Aviation Medical Certificate (class 1)

  • STEP5
  • Please visit GLOBAL PARTNERS (Tokyo or Osaka) for hearing your preference about the employment, outplacement and etc.

    * It is preferable that you have the "Class 1 Aviation Medical Certification" at this stage.
    * We may suppose a countermeasure for the Japanese medical examination if needed (charged option)

  • STEP6
  • Conclude GP PILOT AGENT SERVICE contract between you and us(meeting or mailing)

  • STEP7
  • GP PILOT AGENT GP PILOT AGENT SERVICE checks the status of employment at airline company, payroll, employment condition, etc.

  • STEP8
  • GLOBAL PARTNERS informs you of the input from the airline company

  • STEP9
  • After a preinterview with GLOBAL PARTNERS (not interview with airline company),
    we arrange for you an interview with airline company (our staff will attend the interview).

  • STEP10
  • Notify the result

    Employment contract with airline company!

"GP Pilot Agent Service Requirement" & "Aviation Medical Examination"

Please note that we offer GP PILOT AGENT SERVICE only for the captain/first officer who meets one of the following conditions.
At the same time, GP Pilot Agent Contract is subject to Japanese aviation medical certificate (class 1).

* You can subscribe the service even If you do not meet any of the following conditions.
But please note that we may decline your subscription.
* Please bear the fee for aviation medical examination by yourself.
* We may suppose a countermeasure for the Japanese medical examination if needed.(charged option)


  • Holder of Japanese Pilot Qualification
  • First Officer experienced at a Japanese airline who holds JET Type Rating such as Boeing/Airbus
  • Holder of Overseas Pilot Qualification (other than Japan)
  • First Officer experienced at an overseas airline (other than Japan) who holds JET Type Rating such as Boeing/Airbus

Privacy Policy

We treat all of your information according to our Privacy Policy below and use such data only for the purpose of your job finding and in secret to any third party.
We confirm and negotiate about the payroll, employment condition, etc.
while protecting your privacy.

Privacy Policy

Our company deal with your personal information (hereinafter "personal information") as follows based on "Act on the Protection of Personal Information", relative statutes and "Guideline on the measure that an entrepreneur should take in order to secure the proper handling of the personal information for employment management".
The collected personal information is not disclosed, transferred and passed to a third party without the consent of the person himself/herself, as long as there is no special situation when it manages by a suitable method and is required in accordance with the law while using by within the limits for the purpose of collection.
We do not handle Personal Information beyond the purpose ("Utilization Other Than for Intended Purposes") without obtaining prior consent by the person himself/herself.
The personnel of our company dealing with the management personal information on personal information is limited to the personnel of the Administrative Division, and its representative. We devises a suitable safety control, and performs storage and management severely.
When there is a request for disclosure of information from the person himself/herself regarding the information concerned about personal information, in accordance with the request, we shall perform without delay the disclosure of the information based on objective facts, such as qualification, and job experience(s), etc. Furthermore, when any correction (including deletion. It is the same hereinafter.) is claimed based on this, if the claim concerned is dovetailed with the objective fact, it shall be corrected without delay.
We maintain Personal information at the exact and latest state, and take the measure about the prevention as well as the correction of unlawful access to personal information, loss, destruction, alteration, disclosure, etc.
Unless our company has intentionally or a serious mistake, our company does not take any responsibility for all damage that arises from registration of the personal information to our company, it's use, a third party's information dissemination act, etc.

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Captain/First officer (experienced licensee) Entry Form

Captain/First officer (experienced licensee) Entry Form

Send Aviation Resume

Request GP Agent Contract Form

Reserve Individual Consultation

Inquiry Form (English only)

Inquiry Form (English only)

* Note: Please bear the traveling/transportation expenses to the interview place by yourself.

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